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Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare Anime, Live-Action Video Streamed

Anime film hits theaters on May 29, live action on August 14

Toho MOVIE's official YouTube channel has released a 30-second collaboration clip featuring the new video of Io Sakisaka (Ao Haru Ride)'s romance shoujo manga Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare / Love Me, Love Me Not.

Serialized in Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret from June 2015 to May 2019, the manga released 12 volumes of tankobon. His English version Love Me, Love Me Not, publisher VIZ Media presents the tale of his first volume as: "Fast friends Yuna and Akari are complete opposites — Yuna is an idealist, while Akari is a realist. When lady-killer Rio and the naive Kazuomi join their ranks, love and friendship become complicated!"

Toshimasa Kuroyanagi (Say I Love You) directs the anime film adaptation of the manga at A-1 Pictures (Oreimo, Sword Art Online) on a screenplay by Erika Yoshida (Tiger & Bunny). It will be released in Japan on May 29, 2020. Then will follow the live-action film directed by Takahi…

An anime-inspired campaign by anime director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios

MullenLowe partnered with Danish director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios to create an anime-inspired advertisement for one of UK's favorite restaurant chains, Wagamama.

Called Bowl to Soul, it's based on the brand's affiliation with Japanese food and its founding philosophy that food not only feeds our heart, it "feeds our soul." The ad shows this by demonstrating Wagamama food's restore sensation.

Upon taking her first taste, the ad's heroine tumbles into a magical land filled with streaming ramen rivers, ondulating coriander fields and spice fireworks. That doesn't sound bad. And it's a good way to appeal to those of us who haven't appreciated the magic of "your food will come out when it's ready."

Created by a mixture of hand-drawn and computer-illustrated artwork, the film brings together a wide range of modern, diverse images and characters, each frame being a unique illustration influenced by anime art. MullenLowe…

Anime, what is it?

It's a Japanese word for film or comic book animation. It features large doe-like eyes. It features vivid characters and bright graphics. It could be a comic book used to attract youth and adult audiences.

An anime may feature complex and sophisticated episode-forming storylines. The genre may be horror stories, martial arts, ninjas, romance. It could be space ships and robots fantasy.

Animations have been around for a while. They were invented in 1917. Their growth has gradually progressed into today's doe-like animation. The anime art style originated in Japan in 1960. But it later spread to many parts of the twentieth century. Today, anime distribution is carried out by TV broadcasting, internet and house media. It's classified into genres targeting a wide range of niche audiences.

Anime blends cartography, narrative, graphic art, and other innovative techniques. This focuses more on realism and camera effects than gesture animation. Anime is hand-drawn and consists of …

11 Anime Classics Everyone has to watch

Around 90 percent is crap, according to Sturgeon's Policy. Probably closer to 99.9% for anime. Much is meaningless, over whimsical, and/or uncomfortably aggressive and pervasive. Yet, like every other genre, some utter gems are concealed among the refuse that needs to be loved by all.

Here are 11 anime classics that you should certainly take the chance to purchase in Australia. Below are 11 anime classics that every movie buff should see — from vintage Ghibli Studio to modern masterpieces like The Tale Of The Princess Kayuga.

Grave Of The Fireflies
After a World War II bombing, two orphaned children struggle to survive in Japanese countryside, feeling their countrymen's helplessness and indifference. In desperation, hunger and sorrow, these children's lives are fragile, but inspiring is their spirit and love.
Wolf Children
Hana was bright and beautiful, and her future was endless. She met a man who became a wolf and they formed a family. Hana loved her husband fiercely, bu…

Sony announced officially the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2

Spider-Man: One of last year's best animated surprises was definitely in Spider-Verse. It boasted an immaculate mix of heart and laughter, not to mention some stunning visuals and an excellent soundtrack, grabbed nearly $400 million worldwide and shocked Isle of Dogs for the Academy Award.

So when it came to making a Spider-Man, the question quickly changed from "if" to "when?""While we don't know much about the highly awaited sequel yet, it seems that Sony's gears are now starting to pick up steam. That's because this afternoon the studio took Twitter to officially confirm the follow-up, even announcing its release date.

Please see below:
April 8, 2022 🕷 — Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (@SpiderVerse) November 1, 2019 As thrilling as this news is, fans will know that Spider-Vers 2 isn't the only thing spawned from the animated classic. We've also heard that, at some point, several alternate di…

'My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising' Breaks Anime Box Office Record

Anime isn't known for American box office success, and when there are successes they appear to be Studio Ghibli fare, Pokemon movies, and other family-friendly features. More mature anime seems to get small releases and thus little chance for blockbuster success. However, Japanese animated films for teenagers and grown-ups are growing at the box office thanks to specialty event-style distribution.

FUNimation Entertainment's latest release, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, premiered domestically last Wednesday and reportedly first-placed the box office, grossing $2.5 million on its opening day. The manga adaptation had reached a domestic total of $8.5 million by Sunday, including the official opening-weekend $5.1 million, ranking fourth. Showing at only 1,260 theaters, the movie had the second-best per-screen average of all small theater releases.

Heroes Rising is My Hero Academia's second feature. In the fall of 2018, FUNimation released My Hero Academia: Two Heroes domesti…